Removing & Replacing Your Artificial Eye.

Removing and replacing your artificial eye will eventually become second nature to you. However, at first the thought might seem daunting. Some people are concerned that they will not be able to get their artificial eye out – or if they do – they will not be able to get it back in again. The key is to take your time and not to panic. Remember. the the eye will come out and it will go back in again.

Removing your Artificial Eye

Your artificial eye is held in your socket entirely by your eyelids. To remove your artificial eye gently pull down your lower lid until the edge of your prosthesis is visible. You can then ease the bottom of your eye out with your fingertip, or with a plastic extractor – available from the Artificial Eye Clinic – as shown here. (An alternative implement used for extraction is a small rubber sucker also available from the clinic).

Replacing your Artificial Eye

Replacing your eye is a reversal of the previous method. Holding your artificial eye horizontally with the most pointed area (the nose point) towards your nose, lift your upper eyelid and slide the prosthesis directly up and into the socket. Then pull down the lower lid, and the eye should slip inside.

Remember: Always handle any Ocular Prostheses with clean hands.