It can be a worrying time for the parent who has to bring their child to the artificial eye clinic. If your child cries at the clinic, do not worry. This is not unusual, and can often be more upsetting for the parent than the child.

There is no pain involved in the processes carried out at the clinic, if your child is upset it will because of the unfamiliar interference. Your child will become a regular attendee and each time you visit things will get a little easier.

If your child is very young it may take a few visits to get the eye just right as getting a very young child to participate in the processes can be quite difficult. If your child becomes fractious, it may be worthwhile coming back again another day to continue.

If your child is a little bit older, promising a reward or treat for them being “good” at the clinic has been found by many parents to be a tempting incentive for the child!

A great deal of acceptance has to be found by the parents who are faced with the prospect of their child having only one eye, but it is always worth mentioning children’s resilience. They do seem to have a natural ability to accept things that could otherwise deter many adults. As they get older children have a natural curiosity and many parents have found encouraging their child to be open with their friends at school about the fact that they have an artificial eye is better in the long run, rather than trying to shy away from the matter.