It’s easy to imagine why – if you have had your eye removed – you feel you are now “partially sighted”. The legal definition according to the National Assistance Act 1948 is: “A person may be registered as partially sighted if they are substantially and permanently handicapped by defective vision, caused by congenital defect or illness or injury“. However official registration takes into account the total amount of vision present – either with two eyes or only one. If you still have good vision in your remaining eye it is possible you will not be eligible for registration.

However, if you believe the vision left in your remaining eye is not as good as it should be or if you are having problems with your sight, visit an optician or your GP for an initial check-up. If necessary, they will then refer you to an eye clinic for an appointment with an Ophthalmologist who will measure your vision to judge whether you’re eligible to be certified.

If your Ophthalmologist judges that you can be certified, they will complete an official certificate (BP1) with the results of your eye examination. If you are registered there are benefits to which you may be entitled. However, please note that some benefits are only available to those registered with ‘blind registration’ rather than ‘partially sighted’.

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