Artificial Eye Clinic Appointments.

Following referral from your General Practitioner, Ophthalmologist or Optician, an appointment will be send directly to you by post.

Your First Appointment.

The following is a brief explanation of what to expect at the clinic when attending for an appointment to have a new eye constructed. The appointment has one of the longest outpatient durations (approx. 2 hours) but is necessary due to the varied processes described here.

Taking the Socket Impression1Firstly a liquid mixture of alginate (an impression material also used in Dentistry) is injected through a plastic impression tray that will be inserted between your eyelids. This mixture sets to a rubbery consistency in approximately 90 seconds. This enables the Ocularist to accurately construct the final eye to fit the contours of your socket.

Casting the Impression2Next, the impression is inserted into Plaster of Paris which sets hard. After setting time the impression is removed from the plaster. The Ocularist then melts a special type of wax and begins to pour a wax model of what your final eye will be shaped like.

Constructing the Wax Model3The model will be carved, smoothed and rounded, and will be tried in to assess shape and curvature, and the aperture of your eyelids. A simulated iris is inserted into the wax model and gaze is ascertained. Your eye will be replicated from this model in smooth, shiny acrylic plastic.

Colour Assessment for Painting4Your artificial eye will be hand painted with great accuracy as a composite of many parts: iris detail, pupil size, the white of your eye, etc. Inspection for colour is usually the last task undertaken at the clinic.

There may seem many steps involved in this appointment, but it is worth the investment of your time. Care and attention to detail is essential for a good end result.

Appointment for Fitting.

A further appointment is required for fitting of your new acrylic eye, in approximately four weeks time. Over this four week span your Ocularist will have been making your artificial eye ready for the appointment.

Polishing and fitting the Artificial EyeDuring this visit your artificial eye will be highly polished and assessed for size and fit before being issued to you.